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Whether you face charges for something as simple as a traffic violation or something as complex as drug charges, we can help. As your attorneys we will aggressively fight for your best interests either during trial or while attempting to secure a generous plea agreement. A majority of our practice is dedicated to criminal defense. Armed with a wealth of experience and resources, we can handle any criminal case, big or small. learn more

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Although divorce, child custody disputes and numerous other aspects of family law can be highly contentious, there are other areas that can result in positive outcomes. Adoptions or protecting the rights of foster parents and grandparents can help provide safe, stable homes and families. At our firm, we use our understanding of the legal, financial, professional and emotional components of family law matters to resolve cases efficiently and effectively. learn more

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In any legal matter, you're pursuing a goal: a positive resolution. As your lawyers, we want to give you every opportunity for achieving that goal. Contact our San Antonio, Texas, law office and schedule an initial consultation by calling 210-570-9902.