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Hoelscher Gebbia PLLC Leads Fight Against DWI Blood Draws

Continuing the fight against mandatory blood draws in DWI cases, I recently joined a panel of DWI defense attorneys to speak out against the Bexar County District Attorney's policy of forcing DWI suspects to submit to mandatory blood alcohol tests (KSAT News story here). Prosecutors in Texas are powerful supporters of the policy to take blood in suspected DWI cases because the blood results help support cases that would otherwise be dismissed. The reason the DWI blood draws can't be trusted, however, is precisely because they are only done to support prosecution, not scientifically or objectively.

Criminal Defense Attorney Caught Betraying Confidential Communications

Criminal defense attorneys often rely on each other for advice and support to offset the overwhelming power of government-sponsored, taxpayer-funded prosecution. One of the most sacred of criminal defense principles is that you never disclose a colleague's confidences regarding legal matters. It is simply unthinkable that a seasoned lawyer would go even further by betraying another lawyer's confidential communications deliberately and secretely to the prosecution. However, one San Antonio lawyer, Charles Bunk, has been doing just that. Regardless of Bunk's reasoning, he should be persona non grata among the legal community in Bexar County.

Texas Lawmakers Call for End to Added Fees for DWI, Other Driving Offenses

If you've been pulled over for a traffic violation in Texas in the last 13 years, then maybe you're aware of the state's Driver Responsibility Program. This program tacks on annual surcharges in addition to fines, court costs and other penalties. If you don't pay the annual fees, then your license is automatically suspended and you could go to jail.

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