Embezzlement Allegations

Depending on the amount of money involved and from whom it was allegedly stolen, embezzlement can be a misdemeanor or a felony in Texas. In either case, being convicted of embezzlement can result in incarceration, heavy fines and long-term reputation damage.

With the stakes this high, you need an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney on your side if someone has accused you of embezzlement.

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Many Factors To Consider

Embezzlement can take many forms, and the penalties for a conviction will depend on the amount of money or property allegedly stolen, as well as the alleged victim's age or status.

For example, embezzling from an elderly person's funds or from a nonprofit organization can result in increased penalties.

In general, embezzlement allegations involve theft of funds or misappropriation of assets, so anyone from a retail cashier to a corporate accountant can find themselves accused of embezzlement. Embezzlement can be charged as theft by a party, as "misappropriation or misapplication of fiduciary funds," as a violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, or conspiracy under federal criminal law. That means you may be charged without realizing that you even broke the law, particularly if someone else organized the alleged scheme.

These cases are complex, and often the evidence relates to financial accounts and how daily transactions are conducted. Sometimes embezzlement charges arise from misunderstandings in the workplace, particularly when there is a lack of clarity regarding how company funds should be used.

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