Foster Parents' Rights

Thank You For Fostering

Good foster parents are very special people. All Texas foster parents know that there is no guarantee they will be able to adopt. Many take children into their families with no intention to adopt, just to help kids in need. But, there are few things in life harder than coming to love a child and having to let him or her go, knowing the future for that child may be uncertain. That process is even harder when foster children are bonded to their siblings as well as their foster parents. When the uncertainty involved in returning a foster child to the biological family is too great, good parents have options beyond giving up. At Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC, we fight in San Antonio and throughout Texas to keep your family intact when that's in the best interest of your children.


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Foster Parents Have Rights

Although CPS is mandated to seek reunification with biological family, foster parents have the right to disagree with CPS. Foster parents may even, in some cases, seek to terminate the biological parents' rights independently of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services ("DFPS"). You can say "no" to biological relatives who weren't there for your child when he or she needed their help but intervene at the last minute. You can ask a judge or jury to do the right thing for your child. You know what your children need and the system should respect your judgment.

Unfortunately, the unique challenges facing foster parents don't end at home. Fosters face unique legal issues, too. Standing (the legal status allowing you to sue) to seek custody is restricted. When you are fostering through CPS, you may be fighting taxpayer funded attorneys for the biological parents and a Texas state agency. The expense of a legal battle only adds to the burden of being a foster parent. Nevertheless, foster parents are often successful in fighting for their families.

At Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC, we know that the Department of Family and Protective Services' mandate to reunite children with their biological family is not always in the child's best interest. And we know how to fight for good foster families. Whether you are just looking to have some role in a child's life after reunification or you want Sole Managing Conservatorship for adoption, we can help. We want kids to win the best possible forever home.

We Give You Options In CPS And Other Family Law Matters

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