"He does what he says he'll do. Whatever you bring him is just a problem to be solved. I can't tell you how easy he is to work with. I highly recommend Joe Hoelscher. He's a life saver."

Jeff McNeely, Client

"Always hire a good attorney. Joseph is a great attorney."

A DWI Client

"Every lawyer I interviewed before Joe immediately tried to convince me that a plea deal was my best option without so much as listening to what *I* wanted to do. Joe was the only one who didn't. He listened carefully, pointed out a few flaws in the prosecutor's discovery, took some notes and simply said, "this is a great case, I'd love to take it on." Here I stand 2 1/2 years later...all charges dropped/dismissed -- with a great career and a whole new outlook on life. Joe Hoelscher helped me get my life back."

A Criminal Defense Client

"Utmost integrity and vicious advocate for his clients."

Shannon Haas, Family Lawyer

"Joseph has a great reputation as a criminal defense attorney who knows how and when to take a case to trial. Joseph has a great working relationship with the courts. Joseph has a great reputation amongst his peers as ethical and knowledgeable in and out of the courtroom."

Jamie "DWI Dude" Balagia, DWI Lawyer

"He is able to see the big picture and to help navigate his clients' way through a maze of legal jargon and technicalities, and he is also able to discern when other players aren't being straight with you. He isn't fooled or manipulated by others, and he is always reliable. I highly recommend Joseph Hoelscher for criminal and family law."

Deborah Rubinstein

"After Mr. Hoelscher kept me out of jail he continues to be more than an attorney, I honestly feel that we are friends. I have called on him several times for legal advice and not only does he answer, he has gone out of his way free of charge to do right by me. Who does that??? Thank you Mr. Joseph Hoelscher for being a fair and honest counselor when I needed a friend."

Vincent Garcia, Client