What Makes Our Firm Unique?

At Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC, our clients are our top priority. Whatever legal problem you may be facing, you can rely on us for aggressive, professional, results-driven representation in and out of court. We get to know you, and we get to know your goals so we can help you achieve them.

We are a San Antonio law firm representing clients throughout the region. To arrange an initial consultation, contact Hoelscher Gebbia Cepeda, PLLC, today.

An Outstanding Legal Practice

Below are some aspects of our legal practice that make us stand out from other criminal defense and family law firms.

  • Our firm is known for defending major DWI cases. The effects of our defense work regarding forensic alcohol testing, including blood draws and breath tests, have been felt in courtrooms across Texas.
  • Prosecutors in Bexar County and throughout Texas know we mean business. In the courtroom and in the media, we regularly challenge missteps by police and prosecutors, all while protecting our clients' privacy. Our reputation as aggressive lawyers serves to protect our clients' interests.
  • We don't back down from the most difficult cases, including violent crime cases, death penalty cases, white collar cases, and federal cases.
  • We are dedicated advocates for drug law reform in Texas — particularly marijuana laws. In fact, we are active in NORML — the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws — and founding members of TACL — the Texas Association of Cannabis Lawyers.
  • We understand how criminal law and family law can intersect. We advise and represent family law clients in a variety of matters, including divorce, child custody, adoption, CPS defense, grandparents' rights and foster parents' rights.
  • We take pride in the difficulty of the cases we successfully resolve. Cases that other lawyers decline because of complexity, media pressure, difficult jurisdictions, or just the nature of the accusations are cases we actively seek to win.
  • We develop a customized legal strategy for each client's specific situation. No two cases are the same, and we have the knowledge, experience and resources to create an effective plan of action for your specific case.

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