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How a DUI can damage your child's future

If your child is preparing to attend the University of Texas, Texas A&M or any of the other fine educational institutions across the state or country, you likely have all the typical concerns that parents have when sending their children away. Going off to college is a monumental event, and for many, it is the first time they are away from the control and authority of their parents. It can be a heady experience to realize you are accountable to no one but yourself.

However, what some students may not realize is that their actions on or off campus do have consequences even if Mom or Dad aren't close enough to ground them. This newfound freedom may encourage your child to push the boundaries and challenge the rules, especially when it comes to alcohol consumption. It is critical to have a solid understanding of the potential ramifications of a DUI conviction for a college student.

Did legalizing marijuana do the harm predicted?

The use and sale of marijuana have been hotly contested issues for decades. Even today, some states, including Texas, call for harsh penalties for possession of cannabis, including hash oils, dabs and waxes.

Years ago, when states began legalizing marijuana for recreational and medicinal use, many opponents came forward to make predictions about what would happen. Now, with a growing number of states legalizing recreational marijuana, data exists to either confirm or debunk those predictions.

Understanding drug possession charges and what they mean for you

Texas readers know that facing criminal charges of any kind can be a direct threat to a person's personal freedom and interests. Drug charges range in type and severity, but regardless of the specific type of drug charge against you, it is beneficial to learn how you can defend yourself against this type of criminal offense.

Individuals facing drug possession charges face a range of penalties that can include time behind bars. The specific penalties you are up against depend on the charges filed against you, your criminal history and the nature of your individual situation. You have the right to defend yourself against drug possession charges, and you have the right to start working on your defense strategy as soon as possible after an arrest.

Study drugs provide a new temptation for college students

You certainly remember those college days when everything seemed a little leaner. You had no money, you never seemed to have enough time to study and your ability to focus on your course work was almost nonexistent in the face of the many distractions around you. Still, you managed to find your own way, either surging forward to graduation or taking another path entirely.

It may not be so easy for your child who is now a student at one of the fine colleges or universities in Texas. Whether students these days have more pressure or simply deal with it differently, the fact is that many turn to drugs for relief from that stress. However, you may be very surprised at the kinds of drugs your child may be using on campus.

Breath test results can be filled with inaccuracy

If you find yourself stopped by a police officer who suspects you have been drinking and driving, you may worry about how this situation will go. You may know that under Texas implied consent law that you could face penalties in the event that an officer requests a breath test and you decline to take the test. However, you may worry how information from a breath test may be used against you later.

Because breath tests do not have a reputation for accuracy, especially hand-held models, you may fear that the results of your test may indicate a blood alcohol content level over the legal limit even if you have not consumed much or any alcohol. In reality, this type of outcome could take place as many factors could impact the results of such tests.

What are Texas cops looking for in field sobriety tests?

Remember when you were in school and your teacher would "surprise" the class with pop quizzes? Field sobriety tests can be like that, except failing the test could mean some time in jail.

Make no mistake: you have a right to refuse Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) if a police officer stops you in Texas. Cops use SFSTs to determine if there is probable cause to arrest you, and these tests are used primarily to create or obtain evidence against drivers. Field sobriety tests are also subjective, meaning the officer's perception of whether you're sober or not factors largely in whether or not you'll be arrested.

Stakes are higher for drug trafficking and distribution charges

If you run into trouble with the law in Texas (or anywhere) one of your first thoughts might be whether you'll wind up in jail. You're likely already aware that something like a minor traffic offense is a much smaller matter than facing drug crime charges in court. The latter is a broad category that may include simple marijuana possession charges or something a lot more serious, such as distributing or trafficking a controlled substance.

If police arrest you for trafficking or distribution of illegal drugs, your life may never be the same. One thing is certain: your immediate future will undoubtedly consist of official hearings and appointments, all of which will impact your future. Even if it's not the first time you've navigated the criminal justice system, it can be difficult to predict the ultimate outcome of a particular situation, even if the charges mirror a prior offense. However, you can mount the strongest possible defense against the charges against you. In some cases, even serious charges like trafficking and distribution or dropped due to any number of mistakes on the part of law enforcement.

3 impacts a DWI conviction could have on your life

Finding yourself in an unexpected and unpleasant situation can give rise to some difficult decision-making. For example, if you're charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, you probably find yourself wondering whether your life will ever be the same.

Unfortunately, a DWI arrest can have many long-term consequences, especially if you're convicted. But before you start dwelling on the worst-case scenarios, remember that you do have the right to defensd against the charge. Here are some good reasons to work with a lawyer who can mount the strongest possible defense on your behalf.

Evidence suggests marijuana may be beneficial to your health

If you grew up in the 1960s or 1970s, you probably witnessed, read about or perhaps tried marijuana smoking at some point in your life. The whole Woodstock atmosphere carried over into a generation-wide acceptance of recreational use of marijuana. The only problem was that at that time, it was illegal in all 50 states. Nowadays, that's not the case; in fact, the number of states passing laws about legal marijuana use continues to increase throughout the nation.

You may be one of many people in Texas who believes there are potential advantages associated with appropriate use of marijuana. However, the federal government maintains legal control over the issue, and growing, selling, buying or using marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, and Texas law is also harsh on marijuana. It's definitely an era when knowing your rights and where to seek legal support ahead of time can help you avoid serious problems.

Facing fraud charges? Don't wait. Develop a defense strategy now.

Fraud charges are typically complex, and not everyone suspected of fraud is guilty. In fact, some particularly risky business practices may be simply that -- risky -- but that does not necessarily mean that those practices rise to the level of fraud.

Make no mistake, though: if you have been charged with fraud in Texas, or if you believe you are under investigation, you need to seek experienced legal representation as soon as possible. On the state and federal levels, fraud charges are aggressively prosecuted, and the potential penalties upon conviction are severe.

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