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Attorneys must necessarily regulate other attorneys.

Recently, a San Antonio criminal defense attorney and candidate for felony judge (in a court that handles victims of sex crimes), Mark Benavides, was arrested for using his position as an attorney for various women to compel prostitution of his clients. If the allegations in his arrest warrant are true, then he has breached the public trust placed in the legal profession as practitioners of the law and officers of the courts. Lawyers are obligated to place their clients' interests ahead of their own. Anything less is a failure which undermines the legal system, especially the justice system, where clients face prison or even death. Attorneys are the only people properly trained and equipped to respond to a threat to the legal system. As a result, we have an obligation act when a member of our profession uses his position to take advantage of those who have turned to him for help.

We are also the only ones who can restore public faith in our profession when such a terrible travesty is perpetrated by one of our own. The public, and Mr. Benavides' wronged clients, must see that other lawyers are willing to stand up for them. The legal profession is noble. Good attorneys sacrifice for the good of their clients. I believe there are far more good lawyers than attorneys who abuse their power. While the justice system must decide how to handle Mr. Benavides and he is entitled to a presumption of innocence, some criminal defense attorneys must step forward to be sure that his alleged victims are also protected. The Hoelscher Gebbia PLLC will do so by representing former clients of Mr. Benavides who may have been wrongfully convicted as a result of sexual misconduct on his part. Further, we have already begun building a team of volunteer criminal defense lawyers to assist Mr. Benavides clients.

I have previously represented one of Mr. benavides' Clients against him. As a criminal defense lawyer, I know that I have an obligation to protect citizens accused of crimes. I can be contacted by any former or present client of Mr. Benavides, inside Bexar County or elsewhere, for a free consultation here.

To those who have been victimized by Mark Benavides: This is not your fault. You share no blame. Please do not judge us by his conduct. Please call us at 210-222-9132 if we can help. All contacts will be confidential. We are here to help you. We are sorry that our profession has let you down and humbly ask for an opportunity to try to serve you the way you deserve.

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