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Stakes are higher for drug trafficking and distribution charges

If you run into trouble with the law in Texas (or anywhere) one of your first thoughts might be whether you'll wind up in jail. You're likely already aware that something like a minor traffic offense is a much smaller matter than facing drug crime charges in court. The latter is a broad category that may include simple marijuana possession charges or something a lot more serious, such as distributing or trafficking a controlled substance.

If police arrest you for trafficking or distribution of illegal drugs, your life may never be the same. One thing is certain: your immediate future will undoubtedly consist of official hearings and appointments, all of which will impact your future. Even if it's not the first time you've navigated the criminal justice system, it can be difficult to predict the ultimate outcome of a particular situation, even if the charges mirror a prior offense. However, you can mount the strongest possible defense against the charges against you. In some cases, even serious charges like trafficking and distribution or dropped due to any number of mistakes on the part of law enforcement.

Arm yourself with knowledge.

Understanding state and federal laws (which, in some cases, may conflict) and knowing your rights ahead of time may help you mitigate the negative consequences if prosecutors charge you with a drug crime. The following list includes facts on drug trafficking and distribution:

  • The law governs controlled substances. State and federal laws each categorize controlled substances under schedule listings. The higher the substance is on the schedules, the more serious charges and subsequent penalties upon conviction.
  • The type of drug, as well as the amount of the drug in question, has bearing on the case. The court may also consider geographical location important, especially if an alleged drug crime took place near children or a facility that children frequent.
  • Charges of drug trafficking or drug distribution are felony charges, and these can be brought on the state level or federal level, depending on the facts of the case. In some cases, though, the accused individual had not intention of selling drugs; the amount alone is the reason for the distribution charge, and it may be possible to have the charge reduced to possession.

Whether you're facing state or federal charges, your top priority should be to protect your freedom. As part of your defense, you'll want to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer closely review the facts of the arrest, including any searches or seizures investigators made. In many cases, law enforcement agents violate the rights of those being investigated or arrested, and this can be grounds for having charges reduced or dismissed.

Bottom line: take action now to start fighting the charges. Too much is at stake to let the prosecution proceed unchallenged.

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