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Study drugs provide a new temptation for college students

You certainly remember those college days when everything seemed a little leaner. You had no money, you never seemed to have enough time to study and your ability to focus on your course work was almost nonexistent in the face of the many distractions around you. Still, you managed to find your own way, either surging forward to graduation or taking another path entirely.

It may not be so easy for your child who is now a student at one of the fine colleges or universities in Texas. Whether students these days have more pressure or simply deal with it differently, the fact is that many turn to drugs for relief from that stress. However, you may be very surprised at the kinds of drugs your child may be using on campus.

A new wave of drug use on campus

Alcohol is certainly a perennial drug of choice among students. It is easy to obtain and is often part of the social culture for young adults. Growing in popularity, however, is the use of drugs such as Ritalin, Vyvanse and Adderall. Students refer to these as study drugs because of the focusing effect they can have. Students claim they are able to remain attentive to their academics, study longer and absorb more information when taking these drugs.

If your student has a prescription for Ritalin, he or she may be using the drug for this purpose. While this is not unlawful, it is also possible that your child has found a way to make a little extra money selling pills to other students. Some students make up to $15 a pill furnishing their friends with study drugs.

The consequences

It may seem innocent. After all, your child isn't selling cocaine or opioids. However, legally, study drugs are Schedule II substances, which means they are in the same category as cocaine, fentanyl, hydrocodone and other highly addictive substances. This means your child faces harsh penalties if he or she is convicted of selling study drugs to classmates, including:

  • Up to 10 years in prison
  • Up to $10,000 in fines
  • Enhanced sentences for selling on a college campus
  • Loss of federal financial aid and other scholarships
  • Potential expulsion from college

If your child is facing criminal charges for sharing or selling Ritalin or other so-called study drugs, the future is uncertain. Securing a strong criminal defense will be critical to protecting your child's future.

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