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Stakes are higher for drug trafficking and distribution charges

If you run into trouble with the law in Texas (or anywhere) one of your first thoughts might be whether you'll wind up in jail. You're likely already aware that something like a minor traffic offense is a much smaller matter than facing drug crime charges in court. The latter is a broad category that may include simple marijuana possession charges or something a lot more serious, such as distributing or trafficking a controlled substance.

Facing fraud charges? Don't wait. Develop a defense strategy now.

Fraud charges are typically complex, and not everyone suspected of fraud is guilty. In fact, some particularly risky business practices may be simply that -- risky -- but that does not necessarily mean that those practices rise to the level of fraud.

Can a marijuana charge jeopardize my financial aid?

Experimentation is part of college. You are learning exciting ideas, making lifelong friends and trying new things in a way you have never had the freedom to do before. It is not uncommon for college students to try marijuana for the first time during this period. What you may not know, however, is that a conviction for marijuana possession can have serious consequences in the state of Texas.

Eyewitness testimony is the most reliable kind of evidence - or is it?

A recent article in the Washington Post - about magic, of all things - raises a legitimate question about eyewitness testimony. Basically, it calls into question the reliability of things we see, and are quite certain about - and just aren't true.

Criminal Defense Attorney Caught Betraying Confidential Communications

Criminal defense attorneys often rely on each other for advice and support to offset the overwhelming power of government-sponsored, taxpayer-funded prosecution. One of the most sacred of criminal defense principles is that you never disclose a colleague's confidences regarding legal matters. It is simply unthinkable that a seasoned lawyer would go even further by betraying another lawyer's confidential communications deliberately and secretely to the prosecution. However, one San Antonio lawyer, Charles Bunk, has been doing just that. Regardless of Bunk's reasoning, he should be persona non grata among the legal community in Bexar County.

Criminal defense lawyers volunteer to protect wronged defendants.

Hoelscher Gebbia PLLC has been joined by a group of criminal defense attorneys to provide pro bono representation to present and former clients of Mark Benavides who may have their defenses compromised by his sexual harassment or assault. Because I believe that we, as lawyers, have a responsibility to regulate our own profession, I announced that I would offer free criminal legal assistance to his wronged clients. I'm honored that other members of the legal profession are stepping forward to restore public faith in the justice system. A public announcement has made, because, as you can see in this news clip, Benavides continues to receive court appointed clients at the time of this post.

Attorneys must necessarily regulate other attorneys.

Recently, a San Antonio criminal defense attorney and candidate for felony judge (in a court that handles victims of sex crimes), Mark Benavides, was arrested for using his position as an attorney for various women to compel prostitution of his clients. If the allegations in his arrest warrant are true, then he has breached the public trust placed in the legal profession as practitioners of the law and officers of the courts. Lawyers are obligated to place their clients' interests ahead of their own. Anything less is a failure which undermines the legal system, especially the justice system, where clients face prison or even death. Attorneys are the only people properly trained and equipped to respond to a threat to the legal system. As a result, we have an obligation act when a member of our profession uses his position to take advantage of those who have turned to him for help.

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